Moz Parks Foundation

Moz Parks is a hands-on, boots on the ground organization supporting the private investors of Mozambique in their efforts to conserve the wildlife, protect the areas and engage with local communities.

The Moz Parks Foundation was formed by the directors of Sabie Game Park and its associates. The goal is to provide support to the private investors of wildlife conservation areas in their efforts to protect the conservation areas. Investing in conservation areas anywhere in Africa is no easy task as not only is this an expensive investment but also a challenging one.  Responsibilities such as anti-poaching and community engagement is a full time job in itself, often taking focus and resources away from properly managing the area as a whole.

 Human/Wildlife Conflict

Conflict between humans and wildlife will forever be an increasing issue. As both human and wildlife populations increase the battle for space becomes more evident. Our goal is to better inform and equip the communities and land owners on preventative measures.


Apart from educating the communities on the benefits and importance of conservation, the need to increase education and skills in these areas will further benefit job creation and conservation awareness. 


Providing communities with the sense of ownership provides further incentive to conserve and protect the wildlife areas. Currently protein from animals, donations, and portions of government license fees from hunting areas go directly into these communities. 

Crop and Livestock Enhancement

The local communities adjacent to the wildlife areas in our area of operation derive the majority of their wealth from cattle and maize (corn) farming. It is our aim to improve the quality of the cattle herds, by applying good animal husbandry practices, increasing the yields of the small scale farmer, educating them in applying best practice farming methods and supplying good quality seed, fertilizer and pesticides.